Knowing Your Camera

Everyone who likes to take pictures and have invested in a dslr or similar camera system, will want to use the camera as fast as possible. The patience can be low when you want to acheive the goals you have set in your mind when looking at other great pictures, artwork etc. It is an fast and easy way, and there is a harder one that may take a little longer to learn, but will give you some advantages when you progress. Often the easy way (auto pilot) is chosen and the hard way (manual mode) is neglected. Thus resulting in limited use of ones creativity. I highly recommend you to look at this video if you are new to manual mode, to better understand the use of it, and to acheive those creative images you have visualised. The full video will set you up for 149 US dollars and contains over 7 hours of material! You can buy it here. For me, it looks like agreat investment. And if I could do it over again, I'd buy this over some fancy equipment when I started up.