Customer Service Nikon

In the beginning of my photo career I had no idea what to buy. So I bought the same gear that my Cousin had. I thought the images it produced looked great. That was a Canon 550D. I later upgraded to Canon 1D Mark III as my primary use was Sports. Later on my photo path took alot of small turns and I was drawn towards landscapes and portraits. At this point I had created a style of my own, and the post prosess methods were set. Atleast the ground technique. 

I was pleased with the images, but I had to do alot of extra editing to make them look great, and my time was used on editing instead of other more important areas like taking photos. I realised that the Canon 1D mark III and the 1Ds mark III did not have good enough sensors for my kind of work. There are alot of things to consider when buying a camera when you take alot of photos. Having to create HDR images would steal alot of memory on my computer, and trippel my costs on memory. So I decided to try something else. Just to see what I was missing out on.

Fujifilm, Sony, Canon, Nikon was contacted. Fuji said I could lend the camera for one day. Great. One day was good enough. Atleast I was able to test it in conditions and scenarios better then the photo shop. Sony didn't want to lend me a camera and told me to try it out in the store. Canon said the same thing. But Nikon on the other hand was very kind and asked me what my needs was and what I wanted to try. I got to lend a D750, 35mm 1.8g, 50mm 1.8g and 85mm 1.8g for about one-two weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Finally someone that took me seriously. I had a blast using it. Through various events and scenarios. And every time I got great photos from the raw files that had alot of information. I was able to pull out details from the shades that I could only dream about earlier. So I had to make up my mind. They say that through the history Nikon and Canon has switched in between in having the best gear. But when I looked at the prices, I knew that if Canon were to produce a better camera with higher Dynamic Range, It would cost alot more then a Nikon D750 or even a D600.

So I waited until I got a great deal and bought myself a demo used Nikon D600. Barely touched in the store. 400 images on the shutter. Sold all my Canon gear and bought a Af-s 18-35mmg for landscapes, Sigma 35mm 1.4a and Af-s 85mm 1.8g for portraits and events, and a nifty fifty 50mm 1.8g. All was well until I decided to do some timelaps. Oh my! Dust you say? Hillarious. So I contacted Nikon. Vegar Berg in Nikon Norway told me to send it in. Shipment costs all paid by Nikon. Not only that I got a Nikon D810 until my D600 was repaired. How about that?! Very important feature and superb Service that is very important for me or anyone else that has photo as a job. If it was not for this service, I would have had to cancel work and loose money. 

So I enjoyed the D810 until the D600 was done. Not much difference in handling, but I understand those that can afford the upgrade. I don't need the MP in the D810, so I was happy to get my D600 back. This time I took photos with it without changing lenses, to double check if there was any dust left after the clean-up. And to my dissapointment it was. Not only that but also marks on the sensor that I had not seen before. I contacted Nikon and they sendt me another D810 while my D600 was fixed. 

Now when I picked up my repaired D600 I was wondering why the package was so heavy. Turned out that they replaced it with a D610. Fresh, all new D610. Fantastic. Repeating myself, but this is why I now only go Nikon! Fantastic service and great quality sensor and handling. Only downside was the D600, but when I get this service I don't care. All I care for is to be heard and to have a camera that makes me able to take great photos with.

Thank you very much Nikon Norway and Vegar Berg for Superb Customer Service!