Post Processing and camera gear advice!

When I arrive home I download and import all my photos into Photoshop Lightroom. Here I use methods learned from Serge Ramelli to edit my photos easy and quick. I used to spend many hours per photo, but now I use very little time infront of the computer editing on my photos. Unless I have invisioned something that needs alot of work. Then I use Serges techniques in lightroom and then bring it further into photoshop were I use techniques from Tony kuyper, some I learned on youtube, some from magazines, some I learned myself and some from Ryan Dyar.

I have created links on the names of the artist, so you can have a look at the work they produce. It is worth having a look at! I started out with a Canon 550D, worked my self up to 1D3, then to 1Ds3 and from a standard 18-55 IS kit lense, I got 200mm 2.8, 85mm 1,8 14mm samyang 17-40mm f/4 L etc and some fuhi equipment. What I have learned is that technique and editing skills is alot more important then gear when it comes to landscape photography. As long as you have a decent camera like a rebel from canon or a mirrorless like sony, fuji etc, it is enough. Cameras that is sold now is good enough for landscapes. For weddings and sports etc I would recommend you to invest in something better then a entry level dslr, but you can manage with a 550D like I did. Shooting sports and a wedding. (I'm not a fan of photographing weddings). But I had to adapt and learn to time my shots and skip the burst mode. Cause the buffer would fill up very fast and the fps was 3,7 per second. But I managed to get great results. The good thing was that I could shoot RAW with that Technique, and get great results. Bad thing is that I had poor buffer, af and fps. So some shots would be almost impossible to capture. So I always recommend lenses before bodies. When you got what you need. Get out and take pictures and learn from those you admire. Look at 500px and notice the details and common things about the images you love.

So I recommend a body that is good enough, good lenses, and learn from the best or atleast from those that you admire. Pick up what you like and implement it into your style and photos! 

Good Luck! =)