Cheap and portable light setup!

I had a friend asking me about this topic, so I thought I'd just create this blog post for everyone to read.

When you start with photo you are often driven by a desire from within. That desire florish when you see beautiful images. And you will eventually try to copy those images, or do something in that style. Now I think we all have been there and still are to some degree, where we want to have better and more expensive gear in a believe that it will produce better photographs for us. To some degree this is true. If you do the same things with a Canon 550D and kit lense, as you do with a Canon 5D mark III, you will most likely get a better result. There are several reasons for this. Sensor quality, autofocus capabilities, and so forth. But, and there is a BIG but! The camera is just the tool that you use to create what you invision and see, with your eyes and creative thinking. Having said that, I'm now going to get back on topic. Talking about the best results, the Canon 550D and a kit lense will 99% of the time produce better photos in the hands of a photographer that understands the use of light and how to balance it to get the vision he sees with his/her eyes and/or creative vision, then a Canon 5D mark III will in the hands of some photographer who don't. That is why you need to practice and get experiance. 

Now there are several types and ways of balancing light. Modifiers in all shapes and types. But to make it simple, you have natural light that you can diffuse and/or bounce, and artificial light like lamps or flashes. These can also be combined.

I'll give you my recommended cheap flash setup. For anyone who don't need the high speed sync function (HSS is a mode where the flash pulses light at a lower intensity to light up the whole sensor as the 1st curtain and 2nd curtain shutter moves over your sensor in a speed that is faster then your sync speed. When 1st curtain moves the 2nd moves after before the 1st curtain has finished its movement. So thats why it pulses to light up the whole frame. Thus acting like a continuos light at a very highly reduced power). 

Yongnuo yn-560-ex III and the Yongnuo yn-560-tx. Thats a transiever and a flash with receiver in it. You can controll the light output on each flash you buy. Have a look at this

Yongnuo yn-560-ex III review

Couple this with some ebay lightstands and lightmodifiers, and you have a great start for a small home and portable photo studio.

You can buy it here:

yn-560-ex III (flash)

yn-560-tx (transeiver)


Thats my cheap flash recommendation for anyone who are just starting up or have a limited budget. I will give some tips and links to balance light using only natural light and modifiers, later on.


If you want to learn how to use this light, you can have a look at this youtube photographer:

Good Light!

His info about his youtubechannel:

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